Pre-1887 Sources For Utah Counties
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Locating civil marriage records in Utah prior to 1887 can be difficult as historically there wasn't a legal requirement to record them in any government register. While our listing is not complete it does represent nearly all of the records thus far identified as containing early marriages. If anyone can direct us to any additional sources we are not aware of it would be appreciated. In an effort to assist researchers in finding the original records we have created the following bibliography (list).

Pre-1887 Sources For Utah Counties
General: LDS Genealogical Surveys (FHL #1,059,454- 1,059,461)
Journal History (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints).
Utah (Statewide):

Utah (Statewide):
Territorial Executive Record, Bk.C. (Utah State Archives, series #242 reel 3).

Box Elder County:

Box Elder County (Utah).
Probate Court Records, 1846-1886 (FHL #480,864).

Brigham City (Utah).
LDS Ward Membership Records (FHL #025,810).

Corinne (Utah).
Historical and Genealogical Register Newspapers, 1869-1875 (Utah Genealogical Association, 1975).

Cache County:

Cache County (Utah).
Probate Court Records, 1860-1886 (FHL #430,990).

Logan (Utah).
LDS 1st Ward Membership Records (FHL #164,612).

Richmond (Utah).
LDS Ward Membership Records (FHL #025,601 Item #3).

Smithfield (Utah).
LDS Ward Membership Records (FHL #025,611).

Cedar County:

Cedar County (Utah).
Probate Court, Divorce Proceedings 1858-1861 (FHL #482,938 item 1).

Morgan County:

Kanyon Creek Precinct (Utah).
Justice Docket (FHL #480,868 Item #3).

Morgan County (Utah).
Justice Docket, 1869-1898 Volume A (FHL # 480,868, item 1).

Morgan City Precinct. Morgan County (Utah).
Justice Docket, Volume A (Utah State Archives).

Weber (City).
Justice Docket for Weber City (FHL #480,868 Item 4).

Piute County:

Piute County (Utah).
Probate Court, Divorce Decrees, 1872-1919 (FHL #484,608).

Rich County:

Laketown Precinct. Rich County (Utah).
Justice Docket 1873-1887 (Utah State Archives, series #09974).

Salt Lake County:

Salt Lake City (Utah).
LDS 14th Ward Marriages by Abraham Hoagland. (FHL #1,440,910, item 5).

Salt Lake County (Utah).
Probate Court, Divorce Docket 1852-1874 (FHL #485,536).

Salt Lake City (Utah).
Journals of Judge Elias Smith (FHL #1,697,278).

Salt Lake City (Utah).
LDS 7th Ward Membership Records (FHL #164,611 Item 1).

Salt Lake City (Utah).
Marriages in Utah Territory 1850-1884 from the Deseret News 1850-1872 and compiled by Judeth W. Hansen and Norma Lundberg (Salt Lake City, UT: Utah Genealogical Association Monograph Series, No. 4 1998).

Salt Lake City (Utah).
St. Paul's Episcopal Church, 1879-1889 (FHL #850,122, item 2).

Salt Lake City (Utah).
RLDS Membership Records (FHL # ).

Sanpete County:

Sanpete County (Utah).
Justice Court Records, 1873-1891 (FHL #481,123) .

Sevier County:

Sevier County (Utah).
Probate Court, Petitions for Divorce, BK B, 1865-1886 (FHL #482,256).

Tooele County:

Tooele County (Utah).
Justice Court (FHL # ).

Tooele City (Utah).
Justice Court (FHL #482,281).

Utah County:

Utah County (Utah).
Probate Docket (FHL #1,654,654).

Wasatch County:

Wallsburg (Utah).
LDS Ward Membership Records (FHL #164,612).

Washington County:

Silver Reef Precinct, Washington County (Utah).
Justice of Court Docket No. 2, 1885-1892. (FHL #484, 821).

Weber County:

Hooper Precinct. Weber County (Utah).
Justice Court Docket (Utah State Archives, series 082,019).

North Ogden LDS Ward Record (FHL # )

Slater Precinct. Weber County (Utah).
Justice Court, 1875-1900. (Utah State Archives, series #13549).

Ogden Precinct, Weber County (Utah).
Justice of Peace Marriage Register of Thomas D. Dee (Weber State Archives).

Weber County (Utah).
Justice Court Ledger, 1870-1884 (Utah State Archives, series #09628).

Justice of the Peace Marriage Register, 1873-1883 of Charles F. Middleton
Ogden Precinct, Weber County (Utah) 1873-1883 (LDS Historical Archives, MS 1263).