How to Submit Names
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Steps to follow

  • E-Mail or contact the Family History Center (see contact information at the bottom of this page) so we can confirm that the data is needed and is not duplicating work already being done.
  • Prepare an Excel spreadsheet to help us automatically upload your data. If you do not have access to Excel let us know so that we can approve other spreadsheet formats.
    • In preparing the spreadsheet follow the example below and use the submit names Excel template file.
    • Do not use the apostrophe (') character to in the spreadsheet to indicate a string - just type the data into the cell.
    • Dates should be in the day-month-year format without hyphens (e.g. 20 Jan 2004). To achieve this format you may have to create a custom date format. You can do this by selecting the dates, choosing "format cells," finding the closest date format match to 20 Jan 2004, and then clicking on "custom" (below "date" on the left-hand side). In the "type" field you will see something like "[$-409]d-mmm-yyyy;@". At this point, remove the hyphens so that the type field reads "[$-409]d mmm yyyy;@".
  • If you have any questions about your spreadsheet, feel free to e-mail us a sample of what you have done and we can confirm whether or not the formatting is correct.
  • After reviewing the records, send them to us by e-mail. If the file is too large for our e-mail capacity for attachments, you can mail them to us on a CD. Make sure to keep a backup copy on your computer!

Column Heading Example

last_name first_name residence place date county state volume page comment blast_name bfirst_name bresidence

Column Heading Descriptions

Column Name Column Description Max # of Characters
last_name Groom's Last Name 40
first_name Groom's First Name 60
residence Groom's place of residence - city, county, state 80
place Marriage place 70
date Marriage date 11
county County of record 30
state State of record 20
volume This column is based on the county's record system 11
page Accompanies the volume number 11
comment Meaningful comments that are brief are included here 500
blast_name Bride's Last Name 40
bfirst_name Bride's First Name 60
bresidence Bride's residence - city, county, state 80