Collection ColMss82 - Crowder, Dr. David L. Oral History Project #1


Crowder, Dr. David L. Oral History Project #1

Collection Processed by John L. Powell and Heather Madsen

Register Created by John Powell, Heather Madsen, Joel Miyasaki, Kurt Hunsaker, and Luke Kirkham

Date: October 15, 2003

Physical Description: 1 linear ft.

Biographical Sketch of David L. Crowder

Dr. David L. Crowder was born in American Falls, Idaho. He received his Bachelor’s and Masters degrees from Idaho State University and a Ph. D. from the University of Utah. He began a twenty year teaching career at Ricks College in 1966. The oral histories were conducted by students in Dr. Crowder’s Idaho and the Northwest history class from 1973-1976.

Scope and Content

The interviews primarily focus on World War I and the Great Depression. The collection was labeled Oral History Project Number one.

The transcripts are arranged alphabetically by the last name of the person interviewed. In some cases there are two folders bearing the same name. In this case, each folder contains a different interview of the same person, conducted by another student.

Each transcription is filed with a release form and an interview record that contains information on the person conducting the interview, the person being interviewed, and the subject covered in the interview.


Box 1
FD 1 Collection Container List
FD 2 Adamson, William Lewis
FD 3 Andrus, Grant M.--Depression of the 1930's
FD 4 Atkinson, Max--Depression of the 1930's
FD 5 Atkinson, Max--Depression of the 1930's
FD 6 Atkinson, T.A.
FD 7 Bailey, Seth R.--Depression of the 1930's
FD 8 Beal, Burns J.--Depression of the 1930's
FD 9 Belnap, Joseph F.--Depression of the 1930's
FD 10 Belnap, Lester--Depression of the 1930's
FD 11 Belnap, Lester--World War I
FD 12 Benson, Max--Depression of the 1930's
FD 13 Birch, J. Edgar--Depression of the 1930's
FD 14 Bodily, Freda Ann Clark--Depression of the 1930's
FD 15 Boyd, Kenneth
FD 16 Broadbent, Julian
FD 17 Brown, Constance R. Bidder
FD 18 Burke, Caroline Pierce
FD 19 Buxton, Darrell (Dick)--World War I
FD 20 Calaway, Clyde--Depression of the 1930's
FD 21 Catmull, Rex
FD 22 Chantrill, Mabel
FD 23 Chapman, Artell--Depression of the 1930's
FD 24 Clarke, Ray E.--Depression of the 1930's
FD 25 Crapo, Winsford Whitney--Deprssion of the 1930's
FD 26 Dalley, Claude--Depression of the 1930's
FD 27 Daniels, Loraine Wesley & Ruth Hertzig--Depression of the 1930's
FD 28 Davenport, Ira Sperry--Depression of the 1930's
FD 29 Dedman, Bill
FD 30 Dedman, William Alan
FD 31 Devenport, Karl W.
FD 32 Douglass, Charles Orrin
FD 33 Douglass, Charles Orrin
FD 34 Eberhard, Ernest Jr--Depression of the 1930's
FD 35 Englund, Catherine Gertrude Ronnenkamp
FD 36 Fife, Glen James--Depression of the 1930's
FD 37 Frederiksen, Olaf--World War I
FD 38 Fullmer, Norris
FD 39 Furniss, Oren
FD 40 Galler, Thomas Christian Sr.
FD 41 Gardner, Mary Hansen
FD 42 Gillespie, L.W.
FD 43 Greeley, Joshua--World War I
FD 44 Green, Dennis
FD 45 Greenhalgh, Alma
FD 46 Hammond, Earl C.
FD 47 Hansen, Willis--World War I
FD 48 Hayes, Anna Hansen
FD 49 Hess, Millie
FD 50 Humpherys, Maude S.
Box 2
FD 1 Ingram, Mary--Depression of the 1930's
FD 2 Insley, Genevieve Anderson--Depression of the 1930's
FD 3 Johnson, Carl
FD 4 Johnson, Carl J.--World War I
FD 5 Jones, O.M.--Depression of the 1930's
FD 6 Jones, Walter Homer
FD 7 Kerr, Mrs. Annie Spori--World War I
FD 8 Klinke, Fred--Depression of the 1930's
FD 9 Larken, Paul
FD 10 Lindsay, Charles Ira--World War I
FD 11 Lindsay, Rupert C.
FD 12 Lowe, Lewis--Depression of the 1930's
FD 13 Luke, Lowell
FD 14 Luke, Melvin--World War I
FD 15 Miller, Margaret Stewar
FD 16 Miner, Carrie
FD 17 Munk, Geneva Hayes Anderson
FD 18 Nelson, Andrew--Depression of the 1930's
FD 19 Nelson, Barto
FD 20 Orgill, Lowell
FD 21 Pearson, Hazel
FD 22 Perry, Joseph
FD 23 Petersen, Luseba Widdison
FD 24 Peterson, Elsie--World War I
FD 25 Pieper, Albert A.--Depression of the 1930's.
FD 26 Pierson, Marcine
FD 27 Pluid, Charles T.
FD 28 Price, Louise
FD 29 Randall, Dale
FD 30 Richardson, Beulah
FD 31 Ricks, Rulon S.
FD 32 Roberts, Bill
FD 33 Rock, Farrell
FD 34 Rosenlund, Allan E. & Marjorie Williams--Depression of the 1930's
FD 35 Rudd, Lowe
FD 36 Scoresby, Austin
FD 37 Simmons, Clarence D.--Depression of the 1930's
FD 38 Smith, Zetha Howarth
FD 39 Sorenson, Kate Thomas
FD 40 Stephenson, Elred
FD 41 Stowell, Elizabeth Spori
FD 42 Stranger, Pearl Armstrong
FD 43 Stucki, Ezra
FD 44 Stucki, Wendell
FD 45 Terry, Anna Evert
FD 46 Thirkill, Evelyn S.
FD 47 Thomson, Lera Packer
FD 48 Tracy, Jean R.
FD 49 Webster, Lola
FD 50 Whitehead, Elwood K.
FD 51 Widdison, Mary E.
FD 52 Wilcox, Melvin
FD 53 Wilding, D.D.
FD 54 Wilske, Emil