References to help you get started in Family History research

This page includes links to sites outside BYU-Idaho that includes information on how to get started on your family history search. Major web sites are listed on our Family History Home Page. Web pages focusing on specific geographical areas and their genealogical records are found on our Regional Resources Page.

  FamilySearch's How to Start An outline for getting started using the resources at
  RootsWeb: Guide to Tracing Family Trees This page provides lessons on how to get started in your search. Many of the lessons provide information on searching specific countries and ethnic groups.
  BYU Religion 261 Lessons and tutorials used in BYU Provo's Family History 261 Class
  FamilySearch's Web Links Links to web pages sorted by categories
  Allen County Website The "Getting Started Researching Your Family History" page from the Allen County (Indiana) Public Library.
  Lloyd Pierson's Web Page A personal web page which lists good resources for searching.
  Cyndi's List The yellow pages for assisting family history research.
  BYU Independent Study - Free Courses BYU Independant Study's Free online courses
  PDF Documents Click here to download Adobe Reader
  List of Common Genealogical Internet Sites This is a PDF file which contains many common family history web sites.
  CES Religion 261 Manual PDF version of the Religion 261 Computer Manual, which is used in colleges and institutes of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
  BYU-Idaho Family History Sunday School Manual This manual is designed for BYU-Idaho LDS campus ward Family History Sunday School classes. The manual is not a publication of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and is for the use of BYU-Idaho stakes only.