About BYU-Idaho Special Collections and Archives

Special Collections is the location in the library where all unique, fragile, and irreplaceable documents are held. The Arthur Porter Reading Room provides a place where people can come and use the public materials of Special Collections and Archives. The Special Collections contains books, manuscripts, and various types of collections relating to BYU-Idaho / Ricks College, Rexburg, Southeast Idaho, and the Church.

The archives section of the Special Collections & Archives appraises, collects, organizes describes, makes available and preserves records of historic value created by Ricks College and its successor BYU-Idaho. This includes both published and unpublished materials concerning the university, as well as papers of faculty, and the permanent records of the colleges and departments that make up the university. We also work with each department on campus in our records retention program.

The archives and its staff is a source for information concerning the historical development of BYU-Idaho. The archives endeavors to help the university meet its goals by providing information that the faculty and staff needs to carry out its duties. In addition, it seeks to aid students, and researchers interested in the history of the institution. The archives contain the institutional memory of the university. In a very real sense, it is helping to "preserve the spirit of Ricks" as the transition to BYU-Idaho goes forward.

Using Materials of Special Collections and Archives

We welcome students and the public to come and see what we have to offer. Our staff is willing to assist in your research endeavors. The archives' first priority is to serve the colleges and departments of the university. Some of the materials in the archives are restricted because of the right to privacy and administrative reasons and are not available to students or the public. Therefore, it is a good idea to telephone, (208) 496-2986, prior to visiting the archives in order to check if the material you want to see is available.

Everyone is expected to abide by the Reading Room Rules and Regulations while using materials in the reading room. Please view, print, and sign this document before using materials, copies of the rules and regulations are also available in the reading room. Special requests can be directed to John Powell, Assistant Archivist, at powellj@byui.edu or (208) 496-2377.