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Scope and Content

This page contains a listing of all the oral history interviews currently processed and available on our website.

The transcripts are arranged alphabetically by the last name of the person interviewed, followed by the topic that each interview covers. In some cases there are two folders bearing the same name. In this case, each folder contains a different interview of the same person, conducted by another student.

Each transcription is filed with a release form and an interview record that contains information on the person conducting the interview, the person being interviewed, and the subject covered in the interview.


Adams, Emory Gilbert--Emory Gilbert Adams, FORBUSH

Barrick, Lowell R.--Changing the Landscape, FORBUSH

Breckenridge, Jim--Hayden, Teton County, FORBUSH

Browning, Norma and Cleo--Impact of Depression on Sugar City, FORBUSH

Burgner, Melvin W.--Gravity Flow Sprinkler Irrigation, FORBUSH

Camphouse, John--Beet Sugar Factory, Sugar City, FORBUSH

Clark, John Rolland--“He Was a Hero to Family and Friends”, FORBUSH

Clements, Silas--Clementsville, FORBUSH

Cordon, Omar--Rigby, Idaho, FORBUSH

Dixon, Gordon--Boxing and Wrestling, FORBUSH

Flamm, Russell --History of Henry Flamm and Flamm’s Funeral Services, FORBUSH

Garner, Nettie--Newspaper Work in Sugar City, FORBUSH

Garner, J. Earl--J. Earl Garner, FORBUSH

Gee, Clendon Edgar--Living Experiences in Fremont, Madison, and Teton Counties, FORBUSH

Gutierrez, Agustin--The Spanish Speaking People Among Us, FORBUSH

Howard, Ira A. Stanton--Stage Coaches in the Park, FORBUSH

James, Pastor Jerry and Gail--Grace Christian School, FORBUSH

Keefer, Fred W.--Eagle Rock, FORBUSH

Larson, Alma B.--Blind of Eastern Idaho, FORBUSH

Miyasaki, Tommy--Tommy Miyasaki’s Triumph over Obstacles Along Life’s Pathway, FORBUSH

Munns, Alvin W.--Henry Alvin “Harry” Munn’s Life Story, FORBUSH

Nelson, Andrew Anderson--Early School Teaching, FORBUSH

Nichols, A.C.--Mail Delivery Ashton, Id- West Yellowstone, FORBUSH

Palmer, Dean L.--Railroad Removal: Ashton to West Yellowstone, FORBUSH

Pincock, William and Douglas--Sugar City, FORBUSH

Poole, John and J. Rulon--Poole’s Island Settlement, FORBUSH

Rayburn, William and Bertie--Henry’s Lake Area 1910-35, FORBUSH

Reid, Agnes--The Settling of Presto Idaho, FORBUSH

Schwendiman, John--Switzerland to Upper Snake River Valley, FORBUSH

Stayley, Mildred and Joe Hartwell--History of Mud Lake, FORBUSH

Stowell, Elizabeth Spori and Annie Spori Kerr--A Life Sketch of Jacob Spori, FORBUSH

Strong, Vernon L.--Scouting: Teton Peaks Council, FORBUSH

Taylor, Gordon B.--Taylor Brothers Raising Sheep, FORBUSH

Walker, W. Keith--Teton Flood & Recovery, FORBUSH

Watson, Cyral A.--Rexburg Postal Services, FORBUSH

Wilcox, Fred O.--Pea Seed Industry, FORBUSH

Young, James Cyrus--A History of Irrigation in Fremont, Madison, and Fremont Counties, FORBUSH

Adamson, William Lewis
Atkinson, T.A.
Depression of the 1930's--Andrus, Grant M.
Depression of the 1930's--Atkinson, Max
Depression of the 1930's--Atkinson, Max
Bailey, Seth R.
Depression of the 1930's--Beal, Burns J.
Depression of the 1930's--Belnap, Joseph F.
Depression of the 1930's--Belnap, Lester
World War I--Belnap, Lester
Benson, Max
Birch, J. Edgar
Depression of the 1930's--Bodily, Freda Ann Clark
Index, Oral History Tapes, Cont.
Oral History Interview Tapes
Douglass, Charles Orrin
Boyd, Kenneth
Broasbent, Julian
Brown, Constance R. Bidder
Burke, Caroline Pierce
1 World War I--Buxton, Darrell (Dick)
Calaway, Clyde
Catmull, Rex
Chantrill, Mabel
Chapman, Artell
Clarke, Ray E.
Deprssion of the 1930's--Crapo, Winsford Whitney
Dalley, Claude
Daniels, Loraine Wesley & Ruth Hertzig
Davenport, Ira Sperry
Dedman, Bill
Dedman, William Alan
Devenport, Karl W.
Douglass, Charles Orrin
Eberhard, Ernest Jr.
Englund, Catherine Gertrude Ronnenkamp
Fife, Glen James
World War I--Frederiksen, Olaf
Fullmer, Norris
Furniss, Oren
Galler, Thomas Christian Sr.
Gardner, Mary Hansen
Gillespie, L.W.
World War I--Greeley, Joshua
Green, Dennis
Greenhalgh, Alma
Hammond, Earl C.
World War I--Hansen, Willis
Hayes, Anna Hansen
Hess, Millie
Humpherys, Maude S.
Jones, Walter Homer
Miller, Margaret Stewart
Smith, Zetha Howarth
Ingram, Mary
Insley, Genevieve Anderson
Johnson, Carl
World War I--Johnson, Carl J.
Jones, O.M.
World War I--Kerr, Mrs. Annie Spori
Klinke, Fred
Larken, Paul
World War I--Lindsay, Charles Ira
Lindsay, Rupert C.
Lowe, Lewis
Luke, Lowell
World War I--Luke, Melvin
Miner, Carrie
Munk, Geneva Hayes Anderson
Nelson, Andrew
Nelson, Barto
Orgill, Lowell
Pearson, Hazel
Price, Louise
Petersen, Luseba Widdison
World War I--Peterson, Elsie
Pieper, Albert A.
Pierson, Marcine
Pluid, Charles T.
Randall, Dale
Richardson, Beulah
Ricks, Rulon S.
Roberts, Bill
Rock, Farrell
Rosenlund, Allan E. & Marjorie Williams
Rudd, Lowe
Scoresby, Austin
Simmons, Clarence D.
Sorenson, Kate Thomas
Stephenson, Elred
Stowell, Elizabeth Spori
Stranger, Pearl Armstrong
Stucki, Ezra
Terry, Anna Evert
Thirkill, Evelyn S.
Thomson, Lera Packer
Tracy, Jean R.
Webster, Lola
Whitehead, Elwood K.
Widdison, Mary E.
Wilcox, Melvin
Wilding, D.D.
Wilske, Emil