Collection ColMss41 - Diary of William Moroni Hansen


Clyde Ormond Papers

Collection Processed by: Heather Daku Mattson,
Jill Reese, Hyon Joung, and Joel Miyasaki
Register Created by: Heather Daku Mattson and Joel Miyasaki
Date: June 24, 2003
Physical Description: 17.5 linear feet

Biographical Sketch of / Agency History

Williard Clyde Ormond was born in the small town of Clark outside of Rigby Idaho, on March 19, 1906. His parents were Enos and Nellie Rolfe Ormond and he grew up as the fifth boy in a family of seven children. He married Lucille Anderson and they lived with their two children in the Rigby area for their entire lives.

Ormond graduated from Rigby High School in 1924 at the top of his class and continued his education at Brigham University for two additional years. In 1926 Ormond’s older brother John died in a tragic accident and Ormond replaced him as a teacher in Hamer. While teaching in Hamer, Ormond finished his teaching degree at Ricks College and spent thirteen years first as a teacher and later as a principal in public schools around Rigby.

Because of the difficult conditions he experienced during the Great Depression, Ormond turned to professional writing, winning third place in a national short story contest. In his thirty-five year writing career, Clyde Ormond wriote for such illustrious publications as Popular Science, True, Outdoor Life, Field &Stream, Sports Afield, Guns, Guns & Ammo, Gun Digest, Camping Journal, Guns Illustrated, The American Rifleman, etc. He specialized in writing about the outdoors and became known as an authority in his field authoring nine books and contributing to many others. He spent time on the staff of prominent magazines like the American Rifleman, and he also wrote the column, “Roamin’ Southeast Idaho,” in the Idaho Falls Post-Register for thirty-three years.

He was a man of diverse interests and talents and also enjoyed playing in dance bands throughout much of his life. He was an active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He patented four inventions and loved boxing. Ormond’s son, Gerald Clyde Ormond, lost his hearing at age three from a bout of scarlet fever and Clyde became an advocate for the deaf. His writing took him to many exotic places such as Alaska, Mexico, and Africa. Clyde Ormond also worked testing and reviewing new types of guns and rifles. He was not only heavily involved with magazine publishers, but he was well connected in the political world and was a member of the National Rifle Association. His hunting partners included many prominent politicians and businessmen such as governors Joe Foss and Don Samuelson. Clyde Ormond died on February 2, 1985 in Idaho Falls, Idaho and is buried in the Rigby Pioneer Cemetery.

Scope and Content

The Clyde Ormond collection consists of articles, photographs, manuscripts, realia, and correspondence created by Clyde Ormond during his half-century career as an outdoor writer.

The collection is divided into three parts. The first part consists of approximately 2,300 typescripts of Ormond’s articles and columns arranged alphabetically by title in boxes 1-12. This includes Ormond’s numerous columns for the Post-Register as well as more substantial articles for magazines like Field & Stream and the Outdoorsman. Some of the articles are Ormond’s original drafts while others are merely carbon copies made at the same time that he typed the originals. The staples from these articles have been removed and they have been separated by acid-free paper in an effort to preserve them for future use. Themes for the articles vary from hunting and fishing subjects to discussion on gun laws and popular topics.

The second part of the collection entails boxes 13-26 and includes manuscripts of Clyde Ormond books and some of his more substantial articles with pertinent photographs. Generally photographs that did not relate specifically to individual books were removed by the processor and placed in the Clyde Ormond photograph collection.

The last part of the collection includes Ormond’s correspondences with numerous publishers and companies as well as letters from government officials. A previous processor arranged the correspondence alphabetically by their source. While this method of organizing the correspondence is admittedly imperfect, it does facilitate use by researchers. The best way to utilize this part of the collection is to examine the list of correspondents included in the register.


Box 1: .22 SE1 - Boat Ride to Bucks and Bulls
Fd1: .22 SE1 - Aerial Counting
Fd2: Aerial Shooting With a Master - Antelope can be Outwitted
Fd3: Antelope for an Amateur - Atomic Jack-Rabbits
Fd4: Aunt Emm - Bear Stories
Fd5: Bears - Big Stuff
Fd6: Big Stuff on the Salmon - Boat Ride to Bucks and Bulls

Box 2: Boat Ride to Buckskin - Co-incidences
Fd1: Boat Ride to Buckskin - Brotherhoods
Fd2: Brown Bear - The Bullet Does the Work
Fd3: Bullet of the Future - Camping in Idaho
Fd4: Camping in the Bob Marshall Wilderness - Changes in game Personalities
Fd5: Changes of Regulations - Co-incidences

Box 3: Cold - Field Trip
Fd1: Cold - Coyote Bounties
Fd2: Coyotes - Deer Rifles on Chucks
Fd3: Deer Season - Dope
Fd4: Down went the Rod - Elk or Else
Fd5: Embarrassing Moments — Fall: The Season of Color
Fd6: Falls - Field Trip

Box 4: Fifty Years of Fish and Game - Grub Lists
Fd1: Fifty Years of Fish and Game - Fishing in the Northwest
Fd2: Fishing Togs - Forecasting
Fd3: Foreign Guns - Game Maps
Fd4: Game Photography - Giraffes, Scope-Sights, and Wet Beds
Fd5: Girl’s Camp - Grayling
Fd6: Grebes - Grub Lists

Box 5: Guest Camps - Hunting the Big-One
Fd1: Guest Camps - Half Sugar
Fd2: Hand Guns and Hunting - Highlights Along the Alaskan Highway
Fd3: Hike - How Big?
Fd4: How Can Schools Accomplish Air - Age Education?-How to Hunt Big-Game
Fd5: How to Hunt Mule Deer - Hunt for the Big One
Fd6: High Hunt - Hunting the Big-One

Box 6: Hunting the Desert Phantom - Lost Hunters
Fd1: Hunting the Desert Phantom - Improvements
Fd2: In Defense - It Depends Upon the Trophy
Fd3: It depends Upon the Partner - Kin I Take Your Gun?
Fd4: Kindness - Late, Late Hunt
Fd5: Launcher - Life History of James Henry Anderson
Fd6: Life in These United States - Lost Hunters

Box 7: Lost: One Bull Moose - On the Trail: release #25
Fd1: Lost: One Bull Moose - Manners
Fd2: Manufacturers - Minnow Law
Fd3: Misfires - Mr. TV Channels a Rainbow
Fd4: Mud Lake - Ninety Miles of Trout
Fd5: Noises - On Buck Laws
Fd6: On Caliber Laws - On the Trail: release #25

Box 8: On the Trail: Release #26 - Rainbows Come After a Storm
Fd1: On the Trail: Release #26 - One for the Skillet
Fd2: The One - Rifle Hunter--Outdoorsmen Have to Learn to Cook
Fd3: Outfitter - Pests in the Outdoors
Fd4: Pets - Poll
Fd5: Pollution - Prong-Horn Merry-Go-Round
Fd6: Public Lands - Rainbows Come After a Storm

Box 9: Rainbows in Spring - Seasons
Fd1: Rainbows in Spring - Records Come Unexpectedly
Fd2: Record Trout - Re-Stocking Isn’t So Tough
Fd3: Results - Rifles for Horse-Back
Fd4: Rifles for the Desert - Rules
Fd5: Rules - Salmon River Trip
Fd6: Salt - Seasons

Box 10: Seasons - Tackle
Fd1: Seasons - Shotgun Shells
Fd2: Shotguns - Snake River Floats
Fd3: Snakes - Sometimes it’s Luck
Fd4: Sometimes It’s Work - Sportsmen Can Help the Energy Crisis
Fd5: Sportsmen’s Jamboree - Still Some Big Ones
Fd6: Stocks - Tackle

Box 11: Tackle Takers - “Visiting” Big Game Animals
Fd1: Tackle Takers - Tenure
Fd2: Tex Purvis: Top Outfitter - Time
Fd3: Time Again for the Do-Gooders - Tracking Snow
Fd4: Tracks - Trip
Fd5: Trips - Try These on Your Dutch Oven
Fd6: Tune Up - “Visiting” Big Game Animals

Box 12: Visitor - Youth Camps
Fd1: Visitor - Weather
Fd2: Weather-Casting - Wild Hunt
Fd3: Wild Meat - With Music
Fd4: Wolves - Youth Camps
Fd5: Miscellaneous Life Histories
Fd6: Descriptions of Various Game Animals
Fd7: Notes For Hunting Medium Game

Box 13: Outdoor Photography
Fd1: Outdoor Photography
Fd2: Outdoor Photography
Fd3: Photography
Fd4: Photography
Fd5: Carbon Copy of Outdoor Life
Fd6: Carbon Copy of Outdoor Life
Fd7: Negatives, Correspondences

Box 14: Outdoor Photography, Photography for the Sportsman, “A Hunting I Did Go”
Fd1: Outdoor Photography
Fd2: Outdoor Photography
Fd3: Carbon Copy Outdoor Photography
Fd4: Carbon Copy Outdoor Photography
Fd5: Carbon Copy Photography for the Sportsman
Fd6: Carbon Copy Photography for the Sportsman
Fd7: A Hunting I Did Go
Fd8: A Hunting I Did Go

Box 15: Poachers of the Black Canyon, Hunting in the Northwest, Photography for the Sportsman
Fd1: Poachers of the Black Canyon
Fd2: Hunting in the Northwest
Fd3: Hunting in the Northwest
Fd4: Hunting in the Northwest
Fd5: Photography for the Sportsman
Fd6: Photography for the Sportsman

Box 16: Poachers of the Black Canyon, Complete Book of Hunting
Fd1: Poachers of the Black Canyon
Fd2: Poachers of the Black Canyon
Fd3: Complete Book of Hunting
Fd4: Complete Book of Hunting
Fd5: Complete Book of Hunting

Box 17: Fishing and Camping in the Northwest
Fd1: Fishing and Camping in the Northwest
Fd2: Fishing and Camping in the Northwest
Fd3: Fishing and Camping in the Northwest
Fd4: Fishing and Camping in the Northwest

Box 18: Hunting in the Northwest, “Tracking and Finding Game”
Fd1: Carbon of Tracking and Finding Game
Fd2: Hunting in the Northwest
Fd3: Hunting in the Northwest
Fd4: Hunting in the Northwest
Fd5: Hunting in the Northwest

Box 19: Hunting Our Biggest Game, Buck Tracks
Fd1: Hunting Our Biggest Game
Fd2: Hunting Our Biggest Game
Fd3: Hunting Our Biggest Game
Fd4: Buck Tracks
Fd5: Buck Tracks
Fd6: Buck Tracks, photos

Box 20: Riverman
Fd1: Riverman
Fd2: Illustrations for Riverman
Fd3: Carbon Copy Riverman
Fd4: Riverman
Fd5: Carbon Copy Riverman

Box 21: Complete Book of the Outdoors, Hunting Medium Game, Miscellaneous materials
Fd1: Complete Book of the Outdoors
Fd2: Complete Book of the Outdoors
Fd3: Misc Notes “Bear”
Fd4: Misc.
Fd5: Misc. Flyfishing
Fd6: Misc. Bullets
Fd7: Misc.
Fd8: Hunting Medium Game
Fd9: Hunting Medium Game with Photography

Box 22: Complete Book of Hunting,
Fd1: Complete Book of Hunting
Fd2: Complete Book of Hunting
Fd3: Complete Book of Hunting, revisions and additions
Fd4: Complete Book of Hunting
Fd5: Complete Book of Hunting, photos

Box 23: Outdoor Tori
Fd1: Outdoor Tori
Fd2: Outdoor Tori
Fd3: Outdoor Tori
Fd4: Outdoor Tori, Notes and Photography

Box 24: “Axes for the Sportsman,” “A Guy Ought to Fish on his Birthday,” “Hundred Percent,” Sage Hen Photos, Misc. Correspondences
Fd1: Axes for the Sportsman
Fd2: A Guy Ought to Fish on His Birthday
Fd3: Hundred Percent
Fd4: Sage Hen Photos
Fd5: Misc. Correspondences
Fd6: Misc. Correspondences

Box 25: “Family Hunt,” “Two Rod Rainbow,” “Give You Taxidermist a Chance,” Complete Book of Hunting, “Salmon on the Home Stretch,” Hunting on the Northwest, Fishing and Camping in the Northwest
Fd1: Family Hunt
Fd2: Two Rod Rainbow
Fd3: Give Your Taxidermist a Chance
Fd4: Complete Book of Hunting: Unused Photos
Fd5: Salmon on the Home Stretch
Fd6: Hunting in the Northwest: Unused Photos
Fd7: Fishing and Camping in the Northwest: Photos

Box 26: Miscellaneous Photos and Correspondences, Maps, and Pamphlets
Fd1: Misc. Correspondences, Maps, and Photos
Fd2: Misc. Photos
Fd3: Misc. Correspondences
Fd4: Misc. Correspondences

Box 27: Alphabetized Correspondences
Fd1: Alaska Documents
Fd2: Alaska Guides and Outfitters
Fd3: Al Beisen
Fd4: Alfred A. Knopf Letters
Fd5: Attorney Letters
Fd6: American Football League
Fd7: American Rifleman
Fd8: American Sportsman
Fd9: Armalite Inc.
Fd10: Bank Letters
Fd11: Bauch and Lomb Incorporated
Fd12: Bob Arnez Letters
Fd13: Brigham Young University
Fd14: Brochures