Collection MSS37 - The Eric Walz History 300 Collection, 2002-Present


The Eric Walz History 300 Collection, 2002-Present
Collection Processed by: Samuel Passey, and Julie Held
Register Created by: Samuel Passey, Kurt Hunsaker, Luke Kirkham, and David Garmon
Date: March 12, 2004
Physical Description: 2.5 Linear Feet

Biographical Sketch of / Agency History

Eric Walz is a faculty member in the History Department at BYU-Idaho. He teaches courses in Asian, American, and Industrial Age history. He also teaches an introductory History Research and Writing Course.

Scope and Content

Collection consists of oral history interviews and research papers submitted by the students in Dr. Walz's History Research & Writing Course. The interviewees are primarily war veterans of either World War II, the Korean War, or the Vietnam War. The transcripts are arranged by the semester that they were interviewed, and alphabetically by the interviewee's last name within each semester. The research papers are based primarily based on documents found in the BYU-Idaho Special Collections and Archives, and relate to the development of Rexburg and Ricks College. The research papers are arranged alphabetically by the author's last name in the given semester.


Oral History Interviews & Research Papers

Box 1 Oral history interviews conducted in the fall 2002 semester.
1 Allen, Clayton
2 Anderson, Jody
3 Atkinson, Max
4 Bull, Lawrence
5 Clark, Edland
6 Danielson, Earl
7 Davidson, LaMarr
8 Douglass, O. Vernice
9 Hammond, Hugh
10 Johnson, Edith
11 Johnson, Lin
12 Kauer, Ralph
13 Lowder, Lyle
14 Merrill, William
15 Murdock, Howard
16 Neville Darrell
17 Pierson, Dowin
18 Raynes, Meghan
19 Robertson, Martie
20 Schwendiman, Mark
21 Sessions, Sylvester
22 Smith, Helen
23 Weatherston, Ralph

Box 2 Oral history interviews conducted in the Winter 2003 semester.
1 Barnes, William P.
2 Bartholomew, R. D.
3 Beyton, Dennis Garry
4 Bigger, Erwin Brady
5 Davis, Rick
6 Davis, Ward
7 Ferrin, Curtis Leonard
8 Hart, Eldon Charles
9 McEwan, Hal
10 Miyasaki, Lucille
11 Pearce, Dale
12 Porter, L. Boyd
13 Reed, Delila S.
14 Ross, Lillian
15 Slaughter, Martha F.
16 Strong, Brent M.
17 Tunbridge, Laura
18 Tucker, Kenneth R.

Box 3 Oral history interviews conducted in the Fall 2003 semester.
1 Butler, Clarence and Lucille
2 Call, Melvin Eliason
3 Evans, Vera M.
4 Gosman, Richard
5 Griffin, John
6 Hall, Hazel
7 Heiner, Ralph S.
8 Helzer, Helmuth G.
9 Marlor, J. Kent
10 Lamping, Irene
11 McIntyte, Edith Joyce
12 Miller, Ivan R.
13 Moffat, Lorene
14 Murdock, Sterling
15 Orton, Gaylord T.
16 Peck, Ruth
17 Phelps, Francis P.
18 Rabatin, Mary Jane
19 Ricks, Beverly Walz
20 Rowe, Beth H.
21 Schuldt, Marjorie
22 Seals, Sharon Beachum
23 Stout, Owen Wayne and Colleen Engh
24 Taylor, Brian L.
25 Tlustek, Hein (Hein Jurgen Hugo Tlustek)
26 Warner, Paul F.

Box 4: Oral history interviews conducted in the Winter 2004 Semester

1. Argenian, Nancy
2. Arnold, Dean
3. Austin, Frank
4. Berry, David Jr.
5. Brinkerhoff, Allen
6. Brown, Steven R.
7. Cannon, Sean J.
8. Crook, Phyllis
9. Davis, Rick
10. DeBry, Barbara
11. Elliott, John
12. Esty, Scott
13. Fisher, Warner
14. Gurr, Ray Dean
15. Haroldsen, Grant Eric
16. Jeppesen, Curtis
17. Jeppeson, Gerald W.
18. Kington, Raymond
19. Kirkman, Orita
20. McGuffin, Rich
21. Miller, Dennis and Gwynn
22. Morris, Donald
23. Page, Edith S.
24. Palmer, Gregory
25. Peterson, Frank R. Sr.
26. Price, Davis S.
27. Rogers, Richard N.
28. Scott Yvonne S.
29. Shelton, Burton R.
30. Shippen, Trent
31. Siepert, Blair K.
32. Swart, James Edward
33. Taylor, William H.
34. Thronton, Mary
35. VanderBeek, Elisabet
36. Wakefield, Lyle
37. Williams, Edmund J.
38. Zollinger, Bud David

Box 5: Student Research Papers Submitted Winter 2004
1. Allen, Cale C. “What was the Biggest Contributing Factor that Kept Ricks College from Permanent Closure during the administrations of 1895 and 1936?”
2. Ellgen, Meagan. “How did religion affect the origins of BYU-Idaho?”
3. Goodson, Karen Dee. “What was the Effect of World War II on the College Life of Students Attending Ricks?”
4. Larsen, Theodore R. “Why was the 1937 Ricks College Bill Defeated?”
5. Porter, Pamela. “How did Ricks College Survive the Economic Troubles of the Early 1930’s?”
6. Rhodes, Jessica Josie. “Ezra C, Dalby: Threat or Victim?”
7. Thrap, Elsie. “What was the Reaction to the Cancellation of Intercollegiate Athletics at Ricks College?”

Box 6: Oral history interviews conducted in Fall 2004 Semester

Box 7: Student Research Papers Submitted Fall 2004


Box 8: Oral history interviews conducted in Winter 2005 Semester