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Register of the Paul Kelly Collection, 1917-1970

Collection Processed by: Heather Matson, Matt Bodett, Kurt Hunsaker
Finding Aid Created by: Kurt Hunsaker
Date Processed: 15 April 2004
Physical Description: 5 linear feet

Biographical Sketch

Paul Kelly is a native of Idaho. He served in the Northern States Mission and later graduated from Brigham Young University in 1962. He served as a commisssioned officer in the United States Air Force in many places around the world. In 2002 he coauthored the book "Courage in a Season of War", which tells of the experiences of LDS servicemen in WWII. He currently works for the MONY Group, previously The Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York. He is married to the former Deanne Packer, and they are the parents of six children and fifteen grandchildren. They live in Idaho Falls, Idaho.

Scope and Content

This collection contains information on LDS Servicemen. The collection focuses on those that served in World War II, but contains a few entries of those that served in other wars. The collection consists of interviews, letters, journals, newspaper clippings, and biographies collected by Paul H. Kelly.


Box Folder Contents


Church Leaders & Missionaries WWII
1 Hugh B. Brown
2 Albon L. Smith
3 Albon L. Smith
4 Lowell J. Yancey

War in the Pacific WWII
5 Joseph Burt
6 Earl E. Bagley
7 Wayne Bowen
8 Leonard Brostrom
9 Billy Clark
10 Ross K. Clements
11 Arnold Dean
12 J. Stewert Dexter
13 Tom Egbert
14 Henry Ronald Frogley
15 Lilly J Fitzsimons
16 Anthony Gardner
17 Richard L. Gunn
18 Marion D. Hanks
19 May Hymas
20 John W Koning
21 Merlyn W. Lofgren
22 Brent W. Marley
23 Henry G. Mathis
24 Roy McBride
25 Donald Gilbert Donaho

Box 2


War in the Pacific WWII
1 James Clare Reed
2 Russel Harland Rock
3 J Max Seley
4 Russell Sheffield
5 Gerald John Stewart
6 Russell Tippetts
7 Theodore Tuttle
8 Theodore Tuttle
9 Nathan Van Noy Jr.

War in Europe WWII
10 Cannon C. Anderson
11 H. Reed Black
12 Victor Cline
13Glenn C. Collette
14 David Orin Dance
15 Elmo C. Davis
16 Gordon Dixon
17 Brent Michael Holmes
18 Reed Jordon
19 Lorin B. Kauer
20 Harry Cecil Hodson Jr.
21 Don Rue Hickman

Box 3


War in Europe WWII
1 Lin Johnson
2 Lin Johnson
3 Lin Johnson
4 Lin Johnson
5 Julian C. Lowe
6 Ivan Miller
7 Queintin C Murdock
8 Byron Carlyle Peacock
9 Verl W. Reed
10 B. Jay Rencher
11 Elmo Seeley
12 Dewain Silvester
13 Joseph Toomey
14 Marx Weech
15 Saiji Zakimi
16 Claude J. Burtenshaw
17 Frank H. Jacobs
18 Asael Tall
19 Curtis Willis
20 Thomas John Summers

Box 4


The Air War WWII
1 Paul Alstrom
2 Paul Alstrom
3 Joe Anderson
4 Charles W. Arnett
5 William Grant Bangerter
6 Preston Brimhall
7 Spencer S. Hunn
8 Arden Hutchings
9 Mac S. Groesbeck
10 Mac S. Groesbeck
11 Mac S. Groesbeck
12 Sterling A Jensen
13 Hal R. Johnson
14 Norman T. Johnson
15 Hyrum W. Kershaw

Box 5


The Air War WWII
1 Michael L. Kunz
2 Elwyn A Meyer
3 Harper K. Morris
4 Clinton Murdock
5 Wayne Dlden Murdock
6 Emil M. Petterborg
7 Alden Rigby
8 Hugh Rawlin Roper
9 Etsell E. Sommers
10 Walter Stewart
11 Vernon J. Tipton
12 Lawrence O. Volmer
13 Hugh A. Wright
14 H. Grant Humphries
15 Gerald E. Sorensen

Life on the Home Front WWII
16 Sammy Tankersly Ipson
17 Donnetta Smith George
18 Geraldine Kluge Gunn
19 Dottie Packer
20 Walter Thuesen
21 Reva Walker
22 Wilma Wilson
23 Daylene Woodruff

Serving in the US WWII
24 Blanch Jacobs
25 William Grant Jardine
26 Jean Lowe

Box 6


Prisoners of War WWII
1 Lynn Bale
2 Royce J Fuhrmann
3 Harold W. Gunn
4 Blair Hale
5 Blair Hale
6 Blair Hale
7 Blair Hale
8 Blair Hale
9 Royal R. Messervy
10 Ralph Wilson
11 L.A. Gillette

Members and Servicemen of Allied and Enemy Nations WWII
12 John A. Dall
13 Marinus Davidson
14 Thomas Richard Harris
15 Karl Herbert Klopfer
16 Bernd Stephen Jost Moser
17 Elfriede Deininger Prison
18 Horst P. Prison
19 Gerald Van Zeben

Box 7


Various WWII Sources
1 National Geographic on Pearl Harbor and D-Day
2 Regimental Histories 3 History of the 137th Regiment, 1940-1945
4 “From Fedela to Berchtesgaden”, History of the 7th Infantry
5 “For Those Lost”, History of Joe Anderson
6 Miscellaneous Photos
7 LDS Servicemen Meetings
8 Stories from BYU-Idaho Education Week

Box 8


Veterans of WWI
1 Thomas C Neibauer
2 Thomas C Neibauer

Veterans of Vietnam
3 Steph Biddulph
4 Clinton Gilbert Gillespie

Paul Kelly Personal Papers
5 Paul Kelly
6 Paul Kelly
7 Paul Kelly’s “Courage in a Season of War” Notes