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The Genealogist's All-in-One Address Book . This is a one-stop resource needed by everyone engaged in family research, from the beginner to the professional. With over 21,000 addresses and phone numbers, this CD contains Elizabeth Petty Bentley's three books: County Courthouse Book, Directory of Family Associations and The Genealogist's Address Book.

FTM CD# 115

Periodical Source Index: Persi A comprehensive index to nearly all U. S.genealogical magazines CDA#16

Early American Gazetteer, 1833 and 1853 CDA#17

Vital Records Assistant Provides sample letters for use when writing county courthouses, etc., CDA#13



Birth Records: US & Europe, 900 -1880 -This disk is primarily an index to the birth data on seven other disks, namely, the two Social Security Death Records disks, the disk of Mortality Schedules, the three disks of Automated Family Pedigrees, and the Salt Lake City Cemetery disk. The births covered by this index are those where there was at least an approximate date of birth and a place of birth given on the original disk. The source disk is cited for each entry. Having found a person of possible interest on this disk, you will then want to examine the source disk for any further information which may he given there. FTM CD #017


The following CD-ROMS contain indexes to various federal, state, territorial, or provincial censuses and tax lists. Also included are a few other lists that can some times substitute for a census. Most of the lists cover a state, county or parish, but some cover a town, city, or other jurisdiction. With a few exceptions, they list only the heads of households, giving a location and source, but they can be very helpful when attempting to locate an adult male, or when attempting to determine where families of a given surname are to be found, and as a geographic guide to further research. Not all counties in a particular state may be indexed. Note that most of the CDs are arranged by decades rather than by geographic subdivisions.

Census Index: Colonial America, 1634-1790 FTM CD #310

Census Index:. US Selected States, 1790 -1799 FTM CD #311

Census Index: US Selected States, 1800 -1809 FTM CD #312

Census Index: US Selected States, 1810 -1811 FTM CD #313

Census Index: US Selected States, 1820 -1829 FTM CD #314

Census Index: US Selected States, 1830 - 1839 FTM CD # 315

Census Index: US Selected States, 1840 -1849 FTM CD #316

Census Index: US Selected States, 1850 -1859 FTM CD #317

Census Index: US Selected States, 1860 -1869 FTM CD #318

Census Index: US Selected States, 1870 -1879 FTM CD #319

Census Index: African Americans in the 1870 Census FTM CD #165

Census Index: Baltimore, Chicago, St Louis, 1870 FTM CD #288

Census Index: NC, SC, 1870 FTM CD #289

Census Index: VA, WV, 1870 FTM CD #290

Census Index: US Selected States, 1880 - FTM CD #320


Each CD contains information from federal land record files giving the name, date of transaction, and name of land office from which further details can be acquired.

Land Records: AL AR, FL LA, MI, MN, OH, WI, 1790-1907 - This CD replaces #s 253 and 254 plus adds information from AL, MN, OH and WI. FTM CD #255


The following series of CDS contain a massive collection of marriage records assembled from a variety of sources, and placed in a standard format that names bride & groom, date, location. and source. No claim is made that these are all the marriages that occurred in these localities in these time periods, but nevertheless these disks are truly amazing research tools.

Marriage Index: IL, IN, KY, OH, TN, 1720 -1926 FTM CD #002

Marriage Index: AL, GA, SC, 1641-1944 FTM CD #003

Marriage Index: MD, NC, VA, 1624 -1915 FTM CD #004

Marriage Index: AR, MS, MO, TX, 1766 -1981 FTM CD #005

Marriage Index: Selected States, 1728 -1850 - Misc data on AR, CA, IA, LA, MN, MO, OR & TX. FTM CD #227

Marriage Index: IL & IN, 1790-1850 FTM CD #228

Marriage index: KY, NC, TN, VA, WV 1728-1850 FTM CD #022

Marriage Index: AZ, CA, ID, NV, 1850 -1951 - Records indexed may not be comprehensive for the time and region covered. FTM CD #225


Military Records: US Soldiers, 1784-1811 - An index to the service records of 21,000 soldiers who served from 22 states & territories, 1784 and 1811; gives name, state or territory, rank, company, regiment, etc. The actual records may be ordered from the National Archives. This CD can only be viewed with the GRS viewer which comes on the FTM CD. #146

Military Records: Confederate Soldiers, 1861-1865 (CD #119)

The Civil War: The War of the Rebellion, 1861-1865

Roll of Honor: Civil War Union Soldiers -This CD contains images of the pages of all 27 volumes of the Roll of Honor as well as The Unpublished Roll of Honor. Originally published by GPC, these books reference the names of approximately 191,000 Union soldiers who were buried m over 300 national cemeteries, garrison cemeteries, soldiers' lots, and private cemeteries. For convince and easy searching, an alphabetical name index is included. FTM CD #351


Mortality Index: US, 1850 -1880 This disk contains about 345,000 death records for the states and territories as culled from the mortality schedules of the federal censuses for the years indicated. The data is not complete for most jurisdictions or years, and more disks in this series are expected. FTM CD #164

Social Security Records: US, 1937-1996 - These updated records provide name, Social Security number, date of birth, date of death, jurisdiction where SS card application was first made, last known residence by zip code, and place death benefit was paid by zip code, and a soundex code for each person. The set contains 60,000,000 names. Most of the people named were born in the late 1880s and early 1900s. Use on Family Search




See FTM CD #003



See FTM CD #225


Marriage Index: 1779-1992 FTM CD #006


FTM CD #005 and #227.



FTM CD #227 and #225


Early Records of Hartford, Connecticut: Land Records, 1639-1688; Vital Records, 1644-1730; and Probate Records, 1635-1750; plus Genealogical Notes and a Manual of the First Church in Hartford - This CD-ROM contains six volumes of land probate, and vital statistics pertaining to early Hartford, CT, which are essential references for historical and genealogical researchers; namely, A Digest of the Early Connecticut Probate Records (Hartford District, edited by Charles W. Manwaring (1904, 1906), Hartford Connecticut Land Records: 1639-1688 and Births, Marriages and Deaths: 1644-1730 edited by Albert C. Bates (1912), Genealogical Notes, or Contributions to the Family History of Some of the First Settlers of Connecticut and Massachusetts, by Nathaniel Goodwin (1856); and Manual of the First Church in Hartford, With a Catalogue of Survivmg Members (1867). The pages of these books are recorded as graphic images, and the master index as a text file. The user can access any page in the set by a simple mouse-click on the appropriate index citation, and can readily scroll from page to page, forwards or backwards, as desired. 1995, 3060 pp., new index, #CD2


Marriage Index: GA, 1754-1850 FTM CD #226 and #003

Census Index: GA, 1870 FTM CD #291


1900 digital census CDA

1910 census index FTM CD #335

Marriages, 1860's - 1930's FTM CD #225



See FTM CD #002, #228

and CDA #24

1870 census CDA #



See FTM CD #002 and #228

1860 census CDA #304



See #227



See #002 and #022


Marriage Index: LA, 1718-1925 FTM CD #001 and #227


Marriages, 1892-1966 CDA #


1870 census of Baltimore CD #288

Marriage Index: Maryland, 1655 -1850 - counties not included: Calvert. Garrett, Howard and Wicomico. FTM CD #224 and



Mayflower Descendant (CD #A15)



See FTM CD #227



FTM CD #005

Early records CDA #19

Early Mississippi Records: Index of Wills, 1800-1900; Confederate Grave Registrations, Newspaper Abstracts, 1801-1863; and Histories of Attala, Carroll, Holmes, and Yazoo Counties - Betty Couch Wiltshire. Eleven Heritage Books, Inc., books worth of Mississippi genealogical data can be found on this CD: Attala County, MS, Pioneers; Carroll County, MS, Holmes County, MS, Pioneers: Yazoo County, MS, Pioneers, (these include a variety of data); Mississippi Index of Wills, 1800-1900, master index to testators; the

two-volume Mississippi Confederate Grave Registrations, alphabetically arranged, and the four-volume Marriages and Deaths from Mississippi Newspapers, data spans 1801-1863, from many newspapers. The more than 2,500 pages constituted by these books are recorded on the CD in an electronic text file, and a comprehensive indexing program is part of the operational software. 1996, 2627 pp., #CD5

The New England Historic and Genealogical Register, 1847-1996 (CD #A-1)


1870 Census of St. Louis CD#288


See also, FTM CD #005 and #227



See FTM CD #225


Early New Hampshire Periodicals and Gazetteers Assorted Historical and Biographical Collections; and The New Hampshire Genealogical Record, 1903 -1910 Eleven volumes of New Hampshire's historical and biographical records make up this CD-ROM: The Statistics and Gazetteer of New Hampshire, compiled by Alonzo J. Fogg; Collection's. Topographical, Historical and Biographical, Relating Principally to New Hampshire, edited by J. Farmer and J. B. Moore, and The New Hampshire Genealogical Record, 1903-1910, edited by Charles W. Tibbetts. In addition, a master index is included which facilitates research in the almost 3,500 pages presented by these works.

On the CD-ROM, the pages of these books are recorded as graphic images, and the master index M a text file. 1995, 3441 pp., new index, CD #003


Births and deaths, 1800's to 1992 CDA

Marriage Index: Selected areas of New York, 1639 -1916 - This CD contains marriage information from selected areas in New York for Approximately 152,000 individuals. The CD includes some of the earliest know church and government marriage information. Data may not be comprehensive for the time and region covered. FTM CD #401

1870 census index: New York City FTM CD#287

Wills, 1665-1801 CDA#22

Upstate New York Index CDA #

Upstate New York

Newsletters & Journal Series, 1685-1910 A master index to four upstate NY periodicals "The Capital," "The Columbia," "The Mohawk," and "The Saratoga," as published by Kinship. The master index names about 300,000 people, with a citation to the periodical, volume and page number. A list of libraries holding these periodicals is included, as well as ordering instructions for those interested in purchasing the particular issues needed. CD # 003



FTM CD #004 and #022

1870 census CD#289


1880 census index

FTM CD #020

Marriage Index: Selected counties of Ohio 1789-1850 FTM CD #400 and FTM CD #002



FTM CD #227


1870 census index

CDA #23

Pennsylvania Genealogies #1, pre-1600 -1900s This CD contains graphic images of the pages of all three volumes of Genealogies of Pennsylvania Families from The Pennsylvania Genealogical Magazine, as well as one volume of Genealogies of Pennsylvania Families from The Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography. The four volumes, originally published by GPC, contain several hundred family history articles and Bible records. The articles touch on families of English, Welsh, Scotch-lrish, German, Dutch, and French origins. FTM CD #163

Pennsylvania German Church Records, 1729-1870 (CD #130)

Pennsylvania Vital Records, 1700's - 1800's (CD #172)

Pennsylvania Church Records: Selected areas, 1600's - 1800's (CD #166)



See FTM CD #003

1870 census CD #289



See FTM CD #002 and #022



See FTM CD #227


Cemetery records: Salt Lake City, 1848-1992. Contains birth, death, and burial location data. FTM CD #168

Marriages, Davis, Salt Lake and Utah Counties CDA#11

Territorial vital records CDA#12


The Virginia Genealogist, Vols. 1-20, with Comprehensive Index, revised edition. - John Frederick Dorman. This periodical is well-known for its excellence. On this one CD-ROM you will find the entire text of the first twenty volumes of this quarterly, recorded as graphic images, and a massive text file incorporating the entire comprehensive name, location, and subject index which was formerly published in book form in 1981. Revision consist of corrections to the graphic images and the addition of page links. You can now move page to page without opening and closing files/windows. 1994, CDA #20

Virginia Genealogies #1, pre-1600 to 1900s -The CD contains images of the pages of all five volumes of Genealogies of Virginia Families from the Virginia Magazine of History and Biography. The five volumes, originally published by GPC, contain several hundred familyhistory articles and reference approximately 65,000 individuals from all parts of Virginia. Most articles trace lines of descent through seven or eight generations covering three to four centuries. FTM CD #162


See FTM CD #022 and #004

1870 census CD#290


1870 census CD#290


See FTM CD #002


The World Family Tree CDs listed below consist primarily of new pedigrees, never before published, as collected from thousands of donors world-wide. They also include the material which was previously published on the Automated Family Pedigree CDs #1 & #2, and on the Acadian Genealogy CD. However, two-thirds of the material on each of these CDs is entirely new. Each CD now contains about 3,000,000 names in thousands of pedigrees, so they completely supplant the former CDs. The material is in GEDCOM format.

World Family Tree Vol. 1, pre-1600 to present - Thousands of pedigrees naming about three million people. The material on this CD includes what was formerly on the old Automated Family Pedigree CD #2, plus a vast amount of new material. FTM CD #000

World Family Tree Vol's. 2 - 32: pre-1600 to present FTM #X000

Family Pedigrees: United Ancestries, 1500 -1950 - A linked database of pedigrees and family group records assembled by united Ancestries, Inc. (a professional research company) over a 30 year period. Names about 750,000 individuals, most born before 1850. Many royal lines of Europe are included. This database contains the single largest pre-1800 collection available at present. FTM #CD100

Family Pedigrees:

Everton Publishers, 1500-1990 - About 100,000 family groupings from Everton's Family File 1 & 2 giving names, dates, places, and relationships for around 1,000,000 people, mostly from the US and Europe, but with some entries from Latin America, Canada, the Pacific Islands, and Asia. Also includes the Root Cellar' database with names, dates, places, & events being queried. FTM CD #015

Family Pedigrees: GENTECH95 & ARI, 1500 -1989 - About 180,000 people in a linked-relationship database. The data was contributed by people attending the 1995 GENTECH Conference, and was compiled into a database by ARI. The GEDCOM files on this CD include source notes/documentation. FTM CD #`108


Family History: 217 Genealogy Books -The complete text (less illustrations) of 217 reference volumes of genealogical interest including 17 autobiographies, 100 biographies, 2 compendiums, 65 genealogies, 4 Hispanic works, 9 local histories, 12 works on Native Americans, and some miscellaneous items. The titles selected give emphasis to the eastern seaboard, especially New England name searches can be done with lightning speed. AA CD #113

Family History: First Families of America Contains "The Abridged Compendium of American Genealogy, Volume 1," by Virkus as originally published in 1925; 1007 pages. The pedigrees date from the mid to late 1800s, and usually go back six to ten generations thereby providing extensive genealogical information on hundreds of thousands of early American families. AA CD #114

Family Histories: GIS, Electronic Messages Vol. 1 - This collection of electronic bulletin board messages contains approximately 400,00.0 messages, and over 6,000,000 names of individuals from all over the world. Genealogical Information Systems Inc., provided these electronic messages from Fidonet, and its ten genealogical conferences. Most messages date from February 1992 to August 1994. They contain a wide variety of information, from research techniques, maps, genealogical publications, software, GEDCOM, and so forth. FTM

CD #16

Complete Mayflower Descendant (magazine) CD#203


Census Index:1871, Ontario, Canada This CD indexes heads of households as well as individuals who had different last names than the head of household. Records indexed may not be comprehensive for the time and region. FTM CD #116

The Complete Book of Emigrants, 1607-1776 - With approximately 140,000 names, this CD contains the most comprehensive test ever published of men, women' end children who emigrated from England to America between 1607-1776. Onginally published in six volumes by GPC. this data was compiled from original English sources by Peter Wilson Coldham. the foremost authority on English emigration. #X350

Immigrants to the New World, 1600's - 1800's FTM CD #170

Census Index: Ireland, 1831,1841 Cities the township & county of residence of all heads of household in County Londonderry (1831) and County Canvan (1841), giving the page number of the record in the actual census, and the surname soundex code. FTM CD #197

Ontario (Canada) Cemetery Finding Aid (CD #A13)